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Frontier Publishing Other featured books

From Dot to Cleopatra
Alun Buffry
A passage from year dot to Cleopatra’s death. Demystification and all the facts about Ancient Egypt from an easygoing storyteller, plus unique complete list of the Pharaohs.
232pp. p/b. ISBN:978-1-872914-09-1, £6.95

The Sun in the East
This is SITE, the prototype from early days which sells at five times its cover price twenty years later. Just what a publisher wants, except we have run out of copies. Should there be a print on demand reprint? Would you like one? It may be possible. For web pictures and text from S.I.T.E go to the internet place operated by Mr Weaver of archives at

Intolerably Hip
Andrew Kerr
Andrew Kerr is the man who, with Arabella Churchill, put on the Glastonbury Fair of 1971 and linked it to the solstice and the sacred landscape of Avalon. For years he has been consulted by authors and archivists in pursuit of the ultimate festival history and now he has written a book about his life. It is called ‘Intolerably Hip’ and it was published on 12 May 2011, just before the 40th anniversary of the unforgettable fair. As autobiographers go, Kerr is an ideal type, say the publishers. ‘He’s generous yet light-handed and understated at turns while recounting some tricky situations in a life of opposites. The pages are enlivened by contradictory characters, from rock stars, music lovers, crofters and druids to world statesmen, royalty, trillionaires and bloodthirsty generals. It’s a good story and he’s a storyteller through and through’.

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